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To get you the Advance Assurance certificate you need, we need to send a formal application to HMRC.

In order to do that, we need to go through a 3-step process, so that we won’t take much of your time in the future, while our accountants can represent you to HMRC as accurately as possible.

There are essentially 3 steps we need to go through.

Gather information about you and your company

To prepare your application to HMRC

Sign the accountant authorization form

In order to communicate with HMRC

Get you Advance Assurance

And complete the payment



Remember, our main terms of service are extremely simple:

1) We will connect you with a UK-based accountant that is highly specialized in SEIS and EIS applications

2) You will only pay £350 plus VAT to get SEIS or EIS Advance Assurance (or £450 plus VAT for a combined SEIS and EIS application). Fixed fee, nothing more, and no surprises!

3) We will keep your money in escrow and only pay your accountant once you successfully receive your certificate from HMRC. If you don’t, you get 100% of the money back

4) All information and documents you share with us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and exclusively used for the purpose of obtaining your SEIS and/or EIS Advance Assurance